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Recently, Adam has been touring Elementary schools in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California. Adam started out working at the Treehouse Children's Museum in Ogden City, Utah, as the Treehouse in house Magician. While at Treehouse, Adam developed specialized out-reach programs for Elementary Schools, teaching students about Reading, Gangs, and how to remain Drug-Free.

Adam has a new school assembly focused on reading that encourages students to focus on the joys of reading rather than the negatives. "Mom do I have to?" is a common theme in his show, Why reading can be fun and magic, and "Put down that Nintendo DS and grab a good book."  are the main topics of the program.

Each show includes a little magic, comedy, and singing. Adam gets all students to participate as he talks about reading, magic, and asks questions to the students. Each assembly runs about 50 Minutes and every student gets a bookmark from Adam.

Requirements from each school:

-A stage, or place to perform.

-Sound System, microphone, and CD Player

-A few lights are always nice, but not required.

(If he cannot be seen and heard what is the point? Is our ideal logic.)

-And a Teacher or a really bright student as a stage helper, to cue music and help reset the stage.

Again, the assemblies run about 50 minutes. If there are two assemblies, the two will be cut down to around 45 minutes each, to make adaquate time for students to leave and others to enter.



We understand and know that all schools and school districts are making huge budget cuts. So we are offering these assemblies at $250.00 each. If your school requires two assemblies we add on another $50.00. In other words a school to have two assemblies would be $300.00, which we think is a great deal considering all of the buget cuts.

Get your neighboring elementary to participate and we will perform at your school for $200.00 and your neighboring elementary school for $200.00.

That is a great deal!!!

If you have any other questions or concerns you can send an e-mail to Adam at or contact him by phone at 702-353-7842


Thank you. We will look forward to hearing from you soon!

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