Tricks You Can Do!

A Generous Offer

The magician hands a square piece of paper to a person and tells him that if he can tear it into four equal pieces, the magician will give him a quarter.

Tearing the paper as required sounds easy enough; so the person does so, and demands payment. The magician asks to look at the four slips of paper, and says:"Yes, you did it. Here's your quarter." Thereupon he gives the person one of the four pieces of paper, which is a quarter-of the sheet of paper!

A Paper Snake

This paper snake is formed from the outer wrapping of drinking straws-thin paper which comes in envelope form, and keeps the straws clean.

The paper covering is broken at one end, and then it is slid down the straws, telescoping as it goes along, until it forms a short pleated tube about two inches long.

When the short tube is laid upon a plate, it begins to act in a snake-like fashion, twisting and turning, raising its head, and becoming very wiggly.

To make the "snake" act in this life-like manner, the magician must first pour a few drops of water on the plate. When the paper tube is set upon a water-drop it begins to absorb water, and immediately comes to life.

Algebra Trick

Start by writing on a piece of paper the number 3. Turn it upside down on a table. Then challenge your friends math skills with this.

Choose a Number 1-10

Add 5

Double the result (x2)

Subtract 4

Divide the result by 2

Subtract the number you started with

The result is 3

Now turn over you paper and tell them that you knew they were going to end with that number.

Run Away Pepper

You will need:

  • Water
  • Liquid Dishwashing Soap
  • Pepper
  • Bowl

Fill up the Bowl with water. And pour a spoonful of pepper into the water. Don’t stir the pepper and water together. Just dump the pepper on top of the water. Now rub a dab of Liquid Dishwashing soap on the tip of your finger. Don’t let anyone see you do this. This is you secret preperation.
When you are ready, tell your friends that you have magical powers, and that you can cause the pepper in the bowl to run away from your finger. Let your friend try it first. Nothing will happen when they do it. Now put your finger in the water, remember to use the finger that has the soap on it. And as if by magic the pepper will run away from your finger. Amazing!

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